Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guilty VS Happy mind

I am skipping class right now. Yes, again. And I'm about to skip my strategy management class coming up as well. I’ve skipped 2 days classes in this week, 3 lectures and 2 tutorials, which equals to 10 hours.

I am so much guilty. :(

I'm actually not planning on being absent today, I've decided to attend classes, I mean, I was already in school. But, when u see everybody’s wearing formal and u the only one with t-shirt and shorts, will u still enter the classroom?

Yes, students need to wear by following their ambition and I have not been informed that we need to be in formal wear. So, teach me! How to defence myself? Wearing shorts at work is a new trend? Or say that my ambition of life is to become a student? Lolx… What do the clothes we wear to work, to school, to class say about us today? Tell me, anyone?

Trying not to blame my friends for forgot to inform me that they all are actually planned not to attend morning class today, and they just forgot to inform me of the lecturer’s order. =.=

Forgiveness sets me free. Well, I actually had so much fun with them.

  • B’s 20th b'day (15th June) celebration @ Chilis Restaurance...
Monterey chicken + Grilled salmon. Delicious man…
Nice job, Chilis!

RM80++ for 2 person. (thx DX for the dinner)
We were late, that’s how we ended up with makan sendiri.

so what had we missed? Part of their photo sessions and some fun time I guess. But, I was so glad that we were able to attend for the cut cake session. ^^

  • Zoo trip (12nd June)

Every time we go to the zoo something funny happens.
ticket price is RM 20 for adult and RM6 for children.
so, do you think that a 20 years old college student getting a children pass is so much worth?

haha.. what a fun time we guyz had!!

That nite, i watched 2 games with JM and the frens @ Sg Long and because of you, i no bathe for the whole day. It was so unbelievable.

1 more to share....
me @ 1st world hotel room.
it's been a very long time coming, i know. We made it back to 2 week ago (5th-6th June).
haha~ yes! i hitted genting again.

dates me?
tons of assignments...
please help me with my assignments will do...